Photograph by Dan Wayne

James Elementary School was constructed in 1910.  Since its completion the school has grown, both in student enrollment and in actual square footage.  Two other additions and renovations have occurred since 1910. Recently, the student population grew again, and due to the enrollment increase, Frewen Architects was contracted to design an addition and overall renovation of the existing facility.  The addition included a new kindergarten room, computer center, ball fields, a playground and faculty parking. In addition, a new entrance and lobby was designed on the north side to accommodate the new faculty parking, as well as, service to all floors through the use of two new elevators.  The addition was designed to blend with the existing school through its use of similar materials, scale and detailing.  The renovation included organizing the interior functions of the school and expanding the Learning Resource Center.  Life Safety and ADA were also updated.  The existing classrooms were refinished and updated to meet current classroom standards.